What size should I have?

In order for us to make the best possible bracelets for you, measuring your wrist is important. 

Best way to do this is to take a measurement tape and wrap it around your wrist. The size you get should be the same size you choose when ordering at our website. 

Please make sure to do this before you place an order. This will save both you and us a lot of time and also it´s better for the environment.

What if I use inches?

Please note our sizes are measured in cm (centimeters). If you measure your wrist in inches, please multiply your size with 2,54 and you will get the size in cm. 

For example: your wrist size is 7″, take 7 and multiply it with 2,54 and you get approximately 18cm (7 x 2,54 = 17,78 cm).